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Monday, February 8, 2010

EBay Feedback.....What is the Deal?!?!

Now tell me if I am way off base here.

I buy something from EBay and I pay with Paypal with 30 minuets. Should I not expect positive feedback right away? Should I have to wait until I post feedback for the seller before I get my feedback? I say NO, as resounding NO!

I call it "Holding my Feedback Hostage". They will not post you positive feedback as a buyer until you leave positive for them, they are in essence refusing you your rightful Positive Feedback until they see what you give them. Their product may be broken, not as described, wrong item or very slow shipping, but if you want you positive feedback you must post positive for them or they will give you nothing.

Right now I have about thirty paid for auctions, all paid for right away, but I only have feedback for about nine of them. This is total bullshit.

Today I had a seller send me a request for positive feedback on a item I paid for on the 29th of January. He has still not left me feedback, so this is what I sent to him.

"Well let me see. I paid on the 29th of Jan and you have still not left me feedback. I paid you promptly, so you should have left positive feedback, you did not. So why the hell are you asking for feedback from me? I am not sure I understand. I would have left you positive feedback as you shipped very promptly, buy not receiving feedback from you has left me sour."

I hope that he will get he point here. If I pay quickly, I should get positive feedback right away, and if I do not, you will get Negative or none from me.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's My Eighth Wedding Anniversery

Eight years ago I married a young women, the sister of a friend of mine. She was going through a divorce and I was looking for a wife, funny how that works. I saw her hang around with my friend and when I asked about her he offered to hook me up with her. A few dozen dates and a divorce later we were married on February, 2nd 2002. Yes, 02/02/02, she has a thing for numbers.

I was almost forty and did not know what to expect as I had be single most of my life. A few girlfriends here and there, but nothing serious. Now I was married and had a kid on the way. I was blessed and did not know what I had done to deserve it.

Now eight years later, we are still going strong. It is weird, we seem to compliment each other. I will be thinking of something and she will ask about it. Like she was reading my mind. They say there is a soul mate out there for each of us, I was lucky to find mine.

So here is to Suzy, my loving wife. I look to many, many more years to come.

Thank You.