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Friday, January 18, 2013

So here it is, 2013.   I had hoped to have a Republican President, but instead we have this.....well I don't know what to call him, American isn't even in the list.  This man hates everything we as Americans stand for. Instead, he would strip away all of our freedoms and have us all dependent upon the Government.

But I digress.  I am still working for Siemens.  It has become a love/hate thing, sometimes I like the job and other times I find myself looking at and updating my resume.  Life shouldn't be this difficult, but then again.

The VA, after four years of fighting with them, has finally approved my disability rating increase and I am now listed as 90%.  You would not think it to look at me, but if you were around me you would think twice. Only the meds keep me going.  I have back pain and real bad headache, close to migraines daily, and my stomach bothers me most days.  My right knee, hip and ankle greave me most days too.  Sometimes I wonder how I get through the day, then I see my kids and think, OK, one more day.

But enough pity party.  The boys are doing great, well mostly great.  My youngest is pig headed and drives his momma crazy and my oldest is just a bundle of emotions, one moment bouncing off the walls, then next screaming and crying.  Parenthood, oh the joys ;)

My wife is doing fine.  Her back troubles her and she is trying to deal with it.  I worry that she does too much, but she will not be slowed and charges forward at full steam.  I heard her on the phone with her friend who has had a bad marriage , divorce and life after marriage.  So I tell Suzy, hey, we just got this huge bonus, why not buy her a ticket so she can come out and visit you?  I don't know if Suzy was stunned at first or what, but she stops and calls her friend and asks what weekend would be good for her to visit and then buys the tickets.  Her friend at first did not want us to buy the tickets but I insisted, and right now Suzy is at the airport picking her up.  I hope the weekend goes well.

That is it for now, I have ranted enough and got it out of my system.  But I did want to "Officially" post this right now for those Nazi in the US Government who read these blogs.

I WILL NOT GIVE UP MY WEAPONS, EVER.  This is not a threat, but a statement of FACT.  If you come to my HOME and try to take them, you will have a bad day.  HAVE  A NICE DAY, stay home.