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Friday, May 7, 2010

Things are Looking up!

Well I took a trip to Rio Rancho, NM for a job interview. My brother lives there and he had a lead on a job where he works. I went and interviewed, but the job just wasn't for me. Then I get a call from Siemens Health Care.

Two phone interviews later I am scheduled for a Face to Face the week of the 17th! Looking very promising. Then my wife finds someone to lease our house! How cool is that!

I came home have been packing for three days now. My brother is on the way as I write and is bringing his trailer. We are going to load it full and take it back on Sunday, then return for Suzy's graduation on the 21st and then rent a UHaul to take the remaining stuff to NM.

My brother and his wife are letting us stay with them, saving us rent and utilities until we get back on our feet. You got to love family that acts like family! My dad is helping out too by paying for our medical COBRA until we get benefits with a new job.

All in all things are looking up. Thanks to all who have been helping out with support and encouragement.

Just one last note. I finished my book! I am in the process of final edit and then the process of finding a publisher begins.

Wish me luck!

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