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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Battlestar Galactica 2000

As I have stated before, one of my hobbies is Replica Prop Building. Right now I am currently working on BSG2000 props so I thought I might write something about the series.

Now I am 47, so I was around for the original BSG. At the time, it was the bomb as they say. Great special effects and good characters. But face it, by today's standards is was ridiculous. Hooker nurses and Disco aliens, by the time they go to earth they we on flying motorcycles, just too corny. Another thing was the fact that everyone in the fleet was doing OK and you never heard of food shortages or dissension among the fleet.

The new BSG is a bit different. The Cylons return with a vengeance and in a matter of hours wipe out 99 percent of humanity with nukes, very ugly. They use all of the human frailties to do it too as they have evolved to the point where they are now organic beings, flesh and blood, but still manufactured. They have 12 models and they use there human disguise to infiltrate the defense system and shut it down.

But enough of the story in detail, go watch it yourself. I would like to comment on the writing and casting. The writers really did an excellent job writing a gripping story filled with all the weakness and strengths of humanity. You have, drugs, gambling, sex, murder, revenge the whole gambit of humanities failings, but you have bravery, sacrifice, nobility and all the things that seem to redeem us in the end.

The story has high points that make you cheer the characters on and lows that have you wanting to just hold them and cry with them. In the end, it is hope and perseverance the saves what is left of mankind and they endure, despite the overwhelming odds.

I highly recommend this series to any scifi fans out there and anyone who just loves a good drama. You can root for the good guys or bad guys, and the lines blur quite a bit in this series as to who is who. So go out and rent the miniseries, this is the first disc, a four hour movie that sets things up and shows the Cylon attack. I think you will enjoy it.

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