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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Do you know what TEOTWAWKI is?

TEOTWAWKI - The End Of The World As We Know It. This is an acronym that I recently discovered. It means what life is going to be like after a major disaster, man made or otherwise. With 2012 coming and the world the way it is I have looked into perhaps preparing for the worst. I am not talking about building a fallout shelter in the middle of nowhere, but perhaps just being cautious and having things ready in case we should need to leave town quickly.

So I have started to put together what is commonly referred to as a Bug Out Bag, or Get Out of Town Bag. It has simple items in it that you would not commonly think of as survival gear. Warm dry clothes, personal hygiene products, food and most important WATER! It will also have medical supplies and some other survival gear and it will all fit in a small backpack, sitting in the garage, ready to be grabbed and tossed into the back of the car and off you go.

It is a little piece of mind, nothing too radical. I have heard of a lot of folks starting to do this. It is simple and when you need to leave in a hurry you do not want to be running around the house looking for stuff. Another way to do it is to get a large trash can, like one you might have in the garage and fill it with the stuff you might need for a family of four for 96 hours. You could also do it with 3 or 4 five gallon buckets with lids. This way each family member can grab their can and get going.

I may go as far as setting up four individual buckets for each of us and one backpack with the common stuff, IE survival gear and medical supplies. You can find out more by Googling Bug out Bags.

I hope it does not come to it, but I for one will sleep better knowing we have the means to get out of town quick if something should go wrong. I have heard it said that civilization hangs by a thread at all times. We can see that this is true and you only have to look at what happened in New Orleans. One disaster and it was total anarchy, every man for himself, with reports of Police even abandoning their jobs to save themselves. You will not be able to count on anyone but yourself so be prepared, you will be the one responsible for protecting your family.

Another thing to think about is your health. I mean right now. How are your teeth? You should make sure to go to the dentist and get your teeth in good health. There will be a serious shortage of Dentist if things fall apart and a tooth ache is the last thing you need. Also, any elective surgery you have been planning, get it done.

So set yourself up a BOB and tuck it way, you could even make a smaller one for your vehicle and that way if you get stranded on the highway you have some stuff to keep you occupied until you get rescued.

Here are some link to get you started.


and a list of good items to collect.

Basic Bug Out Bag/Kit

Packing it:
* Large hip bag or fanny pack

* Flash cards or small booklet (purchased from local bookstore)
* (Tom Brown's books of Survival are good, though too big for this smallest of the kits.)

Environmental Protection
* Space blanket
* Hand warmer packs

* Stored
^ 1 or 2 Qt. canteen. (I like the canteen, since it lets me use the water as needed for non
emergencies, and that trains me to keep it in the car.)
^ You can buy retorts of water (like juice boxes) if desired.
* Carried/found - baggies 1Qt. size
* Purified - iodide tablets

* Stored
^ Soup packets or bullion cubes (Herb Ox brand is best!)
^ Coffee packets with sugar packets.
^ A salt and pepper packet is nice too.
* Gathered
^ Folding can opener
^ Small fish kit (Hand line, 2 swivels, 2 sinkers, 2 hooks)
^ Snare wire
* Preparing
^ Sierra Club stainless steel cup, fork, spoon

Fire Making
* Bic lighter
* Fresnel lens
* Waterproof matches
* Hexamine tablets and maybe a stove

* AA flashlight w/ spare bulb (Maglight) or candle

Health and First Aid
* Minor Kit (purchase) Band-Aids, aspirin, smelling salts
* Bug repellent
* Lip balm - find some that doesn't melt
* Sunscreen

* Mirror
* Whistle
* (see also: Fire making and Light)

* Compass - small keyring type
* Local map

Social Survival
* Coins and Bills ($1 coins/ $20 bills)
* Ammunition (one or two 50 round boxes for trade, money may have no value)
* Pen and paper, waterproof
* Swiss Army Knife {for scissors and corkscrew}

Cleaning Up and Sanitation
* Toothbrush
* Small hotel type soap
* Condoms +/or Tampons

* Miniature Bible or cards or dice

General Tools
* Swiss army knife (Captains)
* Cordage
^ Dental floss
^ String - Use fish line
^ Cord - 20 ft. 1/8" nylon
^ Wire - small spool
^ Sewing kit - hotel type
* Screwdriver disk
* Aluminum foil 1ft/sq
* Hacksaw blade - short
* Bobby Pins
* Safety pins
* Fingernail clippers
* Red Bandanna
* Rubber bands
* Nails
* Cup hooks
* Small file
* Super glue +/or epoxy, small
* Tape

Carry Also
* Clothes, lots of them
* Money
* Water
* Food
* Cell phone, CB radio and/or Emergency Location Transmitter (ELT)
* Duct tape
* Flares and/or strobe
* Larger flashlight
* Any personal medications & glasses

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