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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dying Young and Those Left Behind

First of all, I am not dying. I just had my well visit and everything is good to go.

I know a this guy. He is rich, has a great job, big house, two cars, pretty wife and two kids. But he works all the time and spends his off time doing his hobby, refereeing soccer games at the international level. He seems to have what most would call a great life and now he is dying of cancer. He is around 42 years old and his children are seven and three.

Now he is where I was 5 years ago roughly, and that is when I made the decision to leave my job and the big city to spend more time with my family. He does not get that choice, he will be dead by my birthday and his children will grow up without a Dad. That kills me. It makes you think about the choices we make in life. Do we work all the time to support our family and never see them, or do we take a lesser job and spend more time with the kids. I chose the latter and I think my life is better for it.

The other thing I have done is ensure that I have enough life insurance to pay the mortgage and all the bills. I would hate to think of me dying and leaving my family in a tight spot. Suzy is finishing her degree so that she can get a job if she needs to. What I am trying to say is hope for the best, plan for the worst and play with your kids like you are going to die next month. Leave them with a memory of you that will last them a lifetime.

This man's diagnosis has reaffirmed my resolve that my children will know that their Daddy loved them and that he was there for them when they needed it. In addition, I am going to record myself reading a few of my favorite books, just in case. I have had several friends tell me one of the big regrets they have about relative that have past is that they do not have voice recordings of them. One even told me he kept on paying his wife cell phone bill just so he could hear her recording. That is very sad. I will not make these mistakes and I am planing also to do some videos too.

Dying young sucks.

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