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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Turning Point in the Madness

Last night a Republican won the Senate seat in Massachusetts, something that has not happened in over 46 years! The Dems thought it was "in the bag" and when it started to go downhill for them, they started the blame game immediately. The Dems on Capital Hill blamed Coakley, She blames them, and this all started before the results were final. As the news has reported....

Massachusetts Senate race results: Obama's signal that all is changed

Scott Brown did the impossible and this is a resounding signal to the Dems that America does not want their brand of Socialism. I, for one, am jumping for joy, as is most of America, the America that is, that holds the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Our Founding Fathers sacred.

The Liberal Left in this country fooled the youth and independents into voting for them stating that they were "Change", now they see that this kind of change is bad, very bad and they are speaking up by voting out the Dems. 2010 will be a year of reckoning for the DNC and a strong message to Mr. Obama that we do not wish to become just another Socialist member of the European Union.

Let us all stand up and let them hear our voices loud and clear at the polls, NOT one more step will we fall back! No longer will we allow them to take our Liberties one small piece at a time until all our freedoms are gone, and just a memory, something our grandchildren will read about in a book, an illegal book at that.

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