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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Some Thoughs of Health Care

Two years ago in October Frank got what appeared to be a spider bite on his face. This infection would not go away and was misdiagnosed by the local witch doctors, who completely bungled the job of testing for what type of infection and just kept throwing general antibiotics at it. They all failed, finally in desperation we drove four hours to Salt Lake City and they tested it and said, "Well it is a MRSA infection and we need to knock it down and find the source of the infection.

After a rigorours round of serious antibiotics they operated the day after Christmas and pulled a infected wire (from a previous operation) and some infected bone out and then we had the joy of a PICC line Vancomyicin for 2 week and then 6 weeks of Zyvox. All said and done with our wonderful insurance we were out about $30,000. The Meds alone were over $14,000 our cost. So our insurance sucks, that is the long and the short of it.

Now Mr. Obama and his Socialist regime, for that is what they are plain and simple, want to take over the health care system and let the Government run things. This just scares the living shit out of me. I have experienced Government health care first hand, and I am here to tell you that free does not mean better.

I broke my elbow while in the Marines and went to the military hospital. When I got to the emergency room I was told to sit and wait. They had me sit there for five hours while they took care of sick dependent kids and other minor cases. Several time I approached the orderly and told them that I was in extreme pain and had a broken arm. They just told me to sit and wait and they would decide if I had a broken arm.

Finally after waiting another two hours I had had enough and called a cab. I was going to a civilian hospital and would just pay to have my arm fixed. The taxi arrived and he came in and called my name. I stood up and started to leave and a nurse and doctor came running over. "Where do you think you are going!?" I told them that I was going to seek proper medical care. They immediately decided to take me to a treatment room and look at me. Well another four hours later my arm was in a cast and I was well drugged. But it took them a total of just under TWELVE hours to do it and I was in terrible pain for most of it.

When you are not paying for your care, you get the care THEY decide you get and only when they think they are going to get negative press do they jump to help you. I have read horror stories about the rationing the goes on in Canada and the UK. They claim that this will not happen in the US, but they are already greasing the skids. Just look at their recommendations on mammograms.

If they get their way and take over the Health Care System, thousands will die from neglect or just plain refusal of treatment due to cost. I fear not only for my family, but for myself. I am closing in on 48 and soon I will not be profitable to the govenment to treat if I get cancer or some other high cost medical problem. It is as simple as that, they will look at how old you are, how much your care is going to be and at a certain point you will be written off, "counseled" to go to a hospice to die.

I also think about Frank's little incident and how we might have been waiting months to get the tests we needed and by then it would have been too late, the MRSA would have spread to his brain and that would have been it.

The government is NOT your friend in this. They seek to control the population through the control of the Health Care System. DO NOT let them or you will have no one to blame but yourself.

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