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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dogged out by the Wife......Harsh

Well on my way home for a job I passed the KFC and thought, man that would be good for lunch. But being responsible fiscally I decided against it. When I got home my wife tells me, I could really go for some KFC. Now she never goes in for fast food, for her it is a once every month thing, maybe. So I think maybe she is going to tell me to go get some, but no, she say no more.

Later she asks if I would like some left over chicken and dumplings warmed up for lunch. This was not the what I really wanted, but I said OK. She calls me over and hands me a plate of food that looked like a dog had yaked it up. I sit down and start to eat and she joins me when I am almost done. She starts to comment, "It doesn't look like it warmed up too good." I tell her that is seems to have lost something in the translation. She tastes her's and then pushes it away. She gets up and dumps her's in the trash! She let me eat mine! Here is the evidence....

Then she tells me, full stomach of mush, that she is going to KFC to get some chicken. I am floored! I tell her, "What's the deal, make me eat the crap and then you go get yummy KFC?!" She smiled sheepishly and then asks me if she should get original or extra crispy.

To her credit, Suzy arrived home a few minuets later with a BUCKET of KFC, so I at least get to have that wonderful, crispy, yummy KFC for dinner. I guess I will let her off the hook.....This time. ;)

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